Adelle Delano
Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Adelle Delano
Title Pokémorph Prototype
Class Citizen
Born April 17th
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 8'02"
Weight 534 lbs.
Body Color Brown fur
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Family  ???
Affiliation  ???
Alignment  ???

The horrific prototype Pokémorph experiment, Adelle Delano was turned into a monster at a young age in the experimenters' attempts at creating Pokémorphs grew more and more desperate. Although it's well-known that the Pokémorph experiments were forcibly terminated in a police raid that destroyed the lab, nobody is sure of Adelle's ultimate fate. Not even the police seem to know what happened to her.

Because of her controversial status, Adelle Delano is not publicly commented on by members of the Lualdi Pokémon League.


From the sparse images put together from the police raid on the experimenters' lab, it has been reasoned that Adelle likely has both Mightyena and Tauros DNA. Her enormous size, protruding fangs, and large claws make her fearsome sight -- a far cry from the intended statement of being able to give humans "trendy" Pokémon appearance traits like small ears, tails, or wings.


Portions of the lab were already destroyed when the police arrived, according to the reports. Because of the scale of the destruction and the various claw marks found throughout the lab, it's evident that Adelle is destructive and difficult to control even by the experimenters who made her what she is now.

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