Within Vuldan City is Gladiatore Stadium, a massive amphitheater made of steel and concrete and stretching out over seven hundred feet at its widest point. Built in an elliptical shape, there are several booths at the several "participant" entrances, handling the registry of Pokémon trainers who wish to publicly battle for prize money. The trainers are then handed a number and instructed to enter an underground facility to await their signal. At the green light, they step onto a platform, and are lifted into the main stadium where many other battles take place around them in other fenced in battlefields. Challengers are welcome to stay as long as their Pokémon can handle it under the stares and thunderous noise of the cheering spectators around them.

Fights in the Gladiatore StadiumEdit

  • Gladiatore Stadium fights are tailored to be a challenge and will often have some sort of quirk or weakness that the challenging trainer must identify to be victorious. The way to victory could be in the environment, the opposing trainer, the opposing Pokémon, or maybe even something else entirely.
  • Challengers are healed between battles, and using items is not allowed in the Gladiatore Stadium. Held items, however, are permitted.
  • The prize money increases with every successful victory -- 100 for the first round, 200 for the second, and so on. The fights get more difficult as the round count increases.
  • Every fifth victory rewards a Rare Candy. Pokémon earn experience and levels as normal within Gladiatore Stadium as well.

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