Luke Antico
Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Lucio "Luke" Antico
Title Gym Leader of Lossulli
Class Gym Leader
Born June 18th
Died N/A
Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Weight 236 lbs.
Body Color White with a tan
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Family  ???
Affiliation Lualdi Pokémon League
Alignment  ???
Renowned for his large frame and ego to match, Luke Antico is one of the most well-known Gym Leaders in Lossulli. He seems to thrive in the limelight, flaunting his physique and feeding the flames of the fanbase he's accrued. While he's sociable, his friends and fellow Gym Leaders Keaton Engels and Delilah Arcsboro have noted that Luke hides his opinions of someone or something very well. Just because he's laughing and joking around with someone doesn't mean he actually likes them.

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