Player NPC
Campaign Unstuck in Time
Full Name Mercedes "Lynx" Rys
Title Gym Leader of Trizzica di Tempifio
Class Gym Leader
Born November 20th
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 116 lbs.
Body Color White
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Family  ???
Affiliation Lualdi Pokémon League
Alignment  ???

Despite her young age, Lynx is one of the most notorious members of the Lualdi Pokémon League in terms of raw battling prowess. She's constantly practicing new strategies for her slew of well-trained Pokémon, and some say she's constantly requesting team change approvals from higher up in the organization to optimize her team for success. While she might get facts or species names mixed up, and her standard education appears to have been stunted by her job as a Gym Leader taking time away from school, Lynx's prodigy status is not contested in Lualdi; her zeal for Pokémon battles is perhaps rivaled only by Skylar Varthenral, whom Lynx is known to idolize and follow around like a Houndour puppy.

Lynx evidently waits for her eighteenth birthday with unbridled enthusiasm, as that is the day she'll actually be allowed a say in League matters as opposed to simply being a representative of the organization. Most suspect that she mostly looks forward to being able to alter her Gym team without as much paperwork.

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