Name: Petra Maradentro
Alias: ---
Sex: Female
Age: 42
D.O.B.: June 21st
Occupation: Member of the Lualdi Elite Four

  • Height: 5'06"
  • Weight: 136 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Color: White


Petra is surprisingly intellectual-looking, given her reputation as one of Lualdi's most social and extroverted Pokémon League members. Most would identify her as older than she actually is if they saw her without any makeup, but Petra painstakingly uses makeup to cover any signs of aging. She wears large, square-framed glasses, but doesn't appear to actually need them; there have been times when she's completely forgotten about her glasses and gone without them for an entire day without any issue, so most suspect that she wears them just because she likes how they look. Her black hair also tends to hang in her face; it's clear that she dyes her hair, as every few weeks or so her naturally blonde roots can be seen.

She tends to wear "earthy," warm colors, having a particular preference for orange and brown. Not a day goes by where Petra isn't snappishly dressed, and she takes special care to make herself look as good as possible. She has a variety of jewelry and earrings that she regularly cycles through; it wouldn't be hyperbole to say that Petra could probably go an entire month without repeating wearing a particular pair of earrings.


Petra has often been described as a party animal. Outgoing and charismatic, she is constantly surrounded by people and never seems to stop talking. Her fellow Elite Four members have claimed she's been late to Pokémon League meetings due to being up late the night before at a party or some other kind of gathering. She has a lot to say on virtually every subject imaginable; even when she doesn't know a lot about something, Petra will pretend she's well-informed just to keep up with the flow of conversation. Jovial, optimistic and perhaps a little teasing, Petra is a very lively person and never seems to be devoid of energy or enthusiasm. Even when she's bored, she'll crack jokes and try to lighten the atmosphere.

However, Petra has also been labeled as irresponsible and secretive; she rarely responds to requests for interviews, blows off Pokémon League meetings unless she thinks they're important (which is rare), and she is so adept at hiding her identity that people usually only find out it was Petra they were in the company of long after she's left. She'll joke around so much when asked personal questions that it's difficult to tell when she's telling the truth; even people who know her comparatively well cannot tell when Petra is telling the truth.

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