Name: Alyssa Liok
Alias: Riddel
Sex: Female
Age: 28
D.O.B.: September 15th
Occupation: Leader of the Apocalypse Aversion Brigade


  • Height: 5'04"
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black with bleached-blonde streaks
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: Pale white


Riddel has a lot of pockets -- she just needs all that space to carry around the ludicrous amounts of stuff she finds necessary to keep with her all the time. Primarily, she'll wear vests that have lots of pockets to suit this need, but Riddel has also been noted to have numerous pairs of cargo pants that have more pockets than stretches of regular fabric. Even with all of these pockets, she still seems to run out of room to carry around all of her things; many of her pockets are bulging with corners of papers poking out from the zippers, and some pockets' zippers are broken entirely due to too much strain. She also wears a rather bulky digital watch that she compulsively checks the time of even multiple times in a given minute.

Riddel is practically famous in Lualdi media for frequently dying her hair as well as randomly cutting it short. Currently, her hair is its natural black color but with bleached-blonde streaks, and it goes down to around her chest. Media outlets are making predictions what or when her next color will be.


Riddel is staunchly dedicated to whatever cause she enlists herself in; nothing can deter her from working towards her goals. It's possible to make her realize her methods might not be the best or most efficient for accomplishing this goal, but she is generally too stubborn to give up on something entirely, especially after she's poured hours and hours of work into it. Her workaholic tendencies often burn her out, but after a few days of rest, Riddel will be right back to where she was before, and this cycle continues until the goal is complete... whereupon she'll find some other extension of the goal or something similar to dedicate herself to.

She's primarily business-like and serious, especially when it's time to crack down and get to work. Riddel doesn't take kindly to distractions or people who joke around while on the job, but it's easy to earn her respect simply by being productive. At the same time, though, anyone who gets in her way runs the risk of being permanently viewed as a road cone in her path to her goals. First impressions mean a lot for Riddel, and it's difficult to change her perceptions of people once she's got them in her mind.

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