Name: ---
Alias: Starstealer
Sex: Female
Age: Late teens to early 20s
D.O.B.: ---
Occupation: Disturber of the peace

Height: ~5'06"-5'08"
Weight: ~130-145 lbs.
Hair Color: Assumed to be brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Brown


Very little of Starstealer's appearance is known due to the fact she covers her face and whole body in some way; she wears a black ski mask with slits cut into it for her eyes, and the rest of her body is also covered in black; however, likely with the intention of further masking her identity, all of her clothes are baggy and do not fit her form. While it may seem counter-intuitive for a thief to wear baggy clothing, it has made the job of profiling Starstealer that much more difficult, as it is difficult and near impossible to identify what sort of build she has from security tapes alone.

Her hair is merely presumed to be brown due to one of her older masks making her eyebrows visible; her eyebrows were brown, which has led to the police assuming Starstealer's hair is of a similar color. All of her masks now do not show her eyebrows, causing the police to further assume that their "guess" was correct.


Very little is known of Starstealer's personality aside from her crime habits. She doesn't appear to be prone to violence, given how she seems to avoid physical confrontations at any cost, and because she has never attempted to attack anyone even when given the chance. Something of an egomaniac, Starstealer sometimes announces in advance through calling cards that she's going to strike somewhere on a certain date and has been quoted in such cards as "giving the cops a fair chance" by making her plans public.

She has disdain for the government as a whole; whenever she leaves behind notes or graffiti, she often criticizes the government in some way through them, such as mocking the police force for being unable to catch "just one thief" and saying that the government won't save Lualdi. Rumors in Lualdi claim that Starstealer is the one responsible for the mysterious graffiti several years ago that declared, "LISTEN: LUALDI HAS BECOME UNSTUCK IN TIME" throughout the region's Gyms. However, because Starstealer appears to gloat and take credit for her accomplishments and hasn't owned up to doing this, it's possible that the graffiti was somebody else's.

In particular, Starstealer appears to target the Apocalypse Aversion Brigade and the Lualdi Pokémon League or other extensions of the government. Because she tends to not strike the Lualdi Future Preservers, some speculate that she may be part of that group.

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